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Graphic Organizer: process analysis

Sandie Barrie-Blackley
posted this on October 8, 2012, 16:12

Process Analysis Graphic Organizer

Your purpose for writing is either to analyze why something happened in a specific sequence or describe how to do something.  Thinking about the sequence is the most important part of writing about processes.  Use the chart below to clarify your thinking about the sequence of steps in a process.

Title_____________________              Name_________________


State the topic and purpose of the essay, or state the problem to be solved.





Step One

Describe the first step.






Tell why the first step is important.




Step Two

Describe the second step.






Tell why the second step is important.




Step Three

Describe the third step.






Tell why the third step is important.




[Add more steps as needed]



Evaluate the process.  Answer the question, “So What?”