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Graphic Organizer: compare & contrast

Sandie Barrie-Blackley
posted this on October 8, 2012, 17:05

Compare & Contrast:  Graphic Organizer

Your purpose for writing is to tell how two or more things or events are 1) alike (compare) and 2) different (contrast). Use the chart below to clarify your thinking about the structure of a compare & contrast essay.

Title_____________________              Name_________________




State the two items or events that you will be discussing and tell why it is important to know how they are alike and different.



Describe / explain how #1 & #2 are alike:








Describe / explain how #1 is different from #2:











Describe / explain how #2 is different from #1:


Tell the most important thing(s) you discovered by comparing and contrasting  these two items or events and why it matters.