Guidelines for Implementation


Here are some guidelines that we like to share with new clinicians:
  • A 'typical' day's practice would take 10 - 15 minutes, with about 3 different games lasting about 3 - 5 minutes each. The length of this intensive practice will need to be adjusted to help some clients maintain accuracy. 
  • Clinicians should monitor their client's reports at least twice a week. You could consider scheduling two times each week (e.g., Monday and Thursday afternoons) as your Lexercise monitoring periods. The child should be practicing within their optimal zone for learning, which means that their scores should be within the 65-95% range.  
  • Once the child reaches 'mastery' with a Practice Plan the clinician creates a new Practice Plan, often at the next Lexercise Level.  Mastery is typically considered to have occurred once the child achieves above 80 or 85 percent for 2 days in a row.  The Isolator game is the best game for judging mastery since some children with significant working memory problems may never achieve a >80%mastery level on the Matchstar games.
  • A Practice Plan doesn't always have to advance to the next Lexercise level.  Sometimes you will need to make changes within a level (add or delete games, adjust the filters for words or game elements, etc.) or perhaps even drop down to a lower level if a child's accuracy is persistently low (<65%).  To simplify the processing demands you could, for example, create a Practice Plan with words that have fewer phoneme-grapheme pairs or without suffixes. For ideas about how to customize for different clients see the Lexercise Clinician Webinars.
  • We are recommending Lexercise as a complement to traditional face-to-face therapy, although it can be a way to reduce the frequency of in-clinic sessions for clients who cannot travel often or cannot afford more frequent in-clinic sessions.  When these clients use Lexercise on a daily basis at home between visits, with the regular monitoring of the clinician, the clinician is assured that the child is getting intensive, quality practice of the skills taught in session and that progress will be quicker due to the intensity.
  • Regarding length of subscription/treatment, many clients will need 6-12 months or more.  Some parents may only wish to purchase a 3-month subscription but then renew as necessary.  


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