How are points awarded in each Lexercise game?


Points are awarded for correct responses in every Lexercise game.

The scoring schemes are designed to discourage guessing.

The scoring schemes are as follows:


Isolator Game

  • First attempt:

                            Prompt type:

  • long prompt  (e.g.,The word is‘fun.’Which finger is ‘f’?):10 pts
  • short prompt (e.g., ’Fun.’ Show me ‘f.): 12 pts
  • turbo prompt (e.g.,’Fun.’ ‘f.’): 15 pts
  • Second attempt:   5 pts
  • Third attempt: 2 pts

MatchStar (all versions)

Match points are awarded if the player matches a card after seeing it 3 times or less.  No match points are awarded for a card seen 4 times or more (i.e., guessing).

The grid size advances to a larger size when the player gets 70% of the matches on the previous grid size.

More points are awarded for matches in larger grid sizes, as follows:

  • 3x6: 30 pts per match
  • 3x4: 20 pts per match
  • 2x4: 10 pts per match


The game starts with a spoken definition followed by an array of three words printed on falling "asteroids".  The player's task is to click on the printed word that matches the spoken definition,  If the player is correct on the first attempt the array of word choices expands to four, then to to five, then to six, then to seven and finally to eight words.  If the player fails to choose the correct word on any second attempt, the next array of word choices will be reduces by one until it reaches the minimum array of three choices.  Points are awareded as follows:

  • First attempt:   15 pts
  • Second attempt: 5 pts
  • Third attempt: 2 pts


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