How can I send a copies of clients' Lexercise progress reports to parents?

An easy way to send clients (or parents) a copy of progress reports is turn the report in to a pdf and send it by email attachment.*  The graph and the colors are preserved in a .pdf.

Here is how:

1. If you don't have print-to-pdf function installed on your computer download one. There are many free ones that you can download from the internet. (For example:  doPDF)

2. Open the client's report that you want to send.

3. Click the PRINT tab.

4. In the print box that pops up locate the Printer Name drop-down and select the .pdf (e.g., doPDF) 

5. Save the .pdf file to your computer (maybe in a folder you have set up specifically for that client).

6. Send the client/parent an email and attach that .pdf.

* NOTE: You might want to be sure the parent has signed a permission form allowing you to communicate with them by email, with a disclaimer acknowledging that they understand that the contents of email may not always be secure and may be subject to privacy violations. (Such a statement is included in the Lexercise Teletherapy Informed Consent document.)


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    Ruth Bevan

    Is this the report mentioned as a monthly progress report?

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    Sandie Barrie-Blackley


    You could certainly send this as part of a monthly progress report. You might consider including also:

    • a cumulative graph of Correct Words Per Minute (CW/M) in oral text reading
    • a cumulative graph of Correct Writing Sequences (CWS) in a 15 minute writing sample
    • number correct in reading Nonsense Words -(using the Nonsense Words in your Teletherapy Tool section)
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