Funding Sources for Lexercise Evaluation and/or Treatment

Here are some possible funding sources for Lexercise evaluation and/or treatment:



1) Use a credit card to make the purchase and stretch out the payments.  You will pay interest, of course, but early treatment often means less treatment so this can save money in the end.

2) A low-interest, peer-to-peer loan through (If you'd like to use this option please contact us as we can help you.)

3)  Parents in the United States can take a tax-deduction for medical deductions for "diagnosis, cure, mitigation, or treatmentprimarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or mental defect or illness."  This can include the cost of a school or program if prescribed by a licensed health-care professional.  (IRS publication 502).  See this article on "Special Tax Deductions..."

4) Families who have access to a FLEX Account or a Medical Savings Account in the United States can use these accounts to pay for Lexercise evaluations and treatment. Here is the IRS publication that contains definitions and guidance on this topic:  Also see: 

5) Some charities have scholarships available for low-income families. Check with local civic, charitable and/ or fraternal organizations (e.g., Rotary International, Sertoma, Scottish Rite, Home School Legal Defense Association) to ask if they have scholarships or funding opportunities for language-literacy evaluations and/or treatment.

6) Banks and/or credit unions often loan money for non-reimbursable health and wellness expenses like dental braces and may be willing to write a loan for language-literacy therapy. 



1) Home school parents who are members of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) can apply for a special needs scholarship through the Home School Foundation.

2) Parents of children adopted in the United States can apply for adoption assistance funding through the Department of Social Services in their county.

3) Grandparents often enjoy the opportunity to pay for these services for a grandchild.

4) Some states have scholarships and/or tax credits for parents of children with disabilities who pay out-of-pocket for therapy services.


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