Lexercise's Online Language-Literacy Processing Evaluation

Our online evaluation is designed to determine the cause of a person's language-literacy difficulties and to recommend the most appropriate treatment methods, accommodations and assistive technologies, based on the individual's needs. We used the most evidence-based methods to arrive at a differential diagnosis. 

We have worked hard to make this high-value evaluation both affordable and accessible (online).

Our Clinical Educators do the online language processing evaluations. You can see their qualifications and introductions here.

The evaluation takes about 90 minutes and is done in the Lexercise Clinical Educator's private, customized, secure web-conference office. Following the evaluation the Clinical Educator provides a detailed written report and schedules a 30 minute interpretive conference to review the results and recommendations with the client and/or family.  This interpretive conference is provided at no extra cost.

Our testing protocol was developed based on the National Institutes of Health research and current best practices research.  We follow the American Telemedicine Association's Practice Guidelines for Videoconferencing-Based Telemental Health (2009).

You can see a  sample report here.

We are always happy to answer questions. Call us at 1-888-603-1788. 



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