FAQs for Clinicians

FAQs for Prospective Lexercise Teletherapy Partners


What is Lexercise? 

Lexercise is a teletherapy referral service and software-as-a-service company that provides qualified clinicians with a Learning Management System (LMS) and a suite of cutting-edge, best-practice, structured literacy (a.k.a. Orton-Gillingham) assessment and intervention tools for providing services via teletherapy to clients with language-literacy disorders such as dyslexia. This system is a blended learning platform. This allows qualified clinicians to provide explicit, face-to-face, direct instruction and parent training via a teletherapy platform and follow that with asynchronous, individualized, structured online and offline exercises for daily practice between sessions. 


The tools include:

  • assessment tools for planning and monitoring language-literacy therapy;
  • therapy materials for online, face-to-face and synchronous structured literacy direct instruction;
  • a parent portal for client-specific information and support, including individualized materials and directions parents can use when practicing with their child;
  • a suite of online exercise games that the clinician customizes for each client;
  • continuous accuracy and fluency data from the online games that clinicians can use for progress-monitoring and growth mindset coaching;
  • an interface for session notes;
  • emails sent to the parent each time their child completes the daily practice, including specific coaching in how to use the child's errors as learning opportunities;
  • software that automates billing and collections and integrates it with therapy;
  • practice management and marketing tools for teletherapy clinicians.

How Do Clinicians Use Lexercise?

Lexercise Teletherapy Partners own their businesses or work for private practices, clinics or schools.  Because Lexercise is based on structured literacy (aka, Orton-Gillingham) principles and the software and materials require the application of those principles, clinicians must be qualified to use it. (See "Who Qualifies...",  below.)

The Teletherpay Partner Plan includes resources and support for delivering structured literacy services online: 

  • digital teaching materials for structured literacy, direct instruction;
  • a suite of online games and offline practice materials that can be customized for daily review and reinforcement;
  • a suite of digital, descriptive assessments that can be used for placement and/or progress monitoring; 
  • data monitoring of clients' online performance;
  • training and support for the use of best-practices for teletherapy services; 
  • support through an online community of telepractice professionals;
  • business tools that support telepractice, including billing software;
  • referrals



How Do Clinicians Qualify for Lexercise Teletherapy Partnership?

For a checklist of requirements see:  Requirements for Prospective Lexercise Teletherapy Partners.   

Current Lexercise Teletherapy Partners are listed on the Lexercise Website here. 


Who Pays for Lexercise and How?

Lexercise Teletherapy partners own and run their own businesses or work for a private practice, clinic or school.   Parents (or schools) pay a monthly subscription fee for Lexercise teletherapy and the Lexercise Teletherapy Partner (or their employer) pays Lexercise a per-client usage fee for the use of platform, similar to the way your cable service works. Platform usage fees average about $4-5 per client per day.


Lexercise Teletherapy Partners can set their own fees but they typically range from $99 to $125 per client per week. This covers the clinician's professional time of 1 hour a week (a 45-minute face-to-face session and 15 minutes for planning and monitoring) as well as the platform usage fees.  The Lexercise Learning Management System automates direct instruction session planning and delivery, practice plan building, data monitoring, parent communications and billing, leveraging the professional's time, making it possible for the professional to deliver systematic and intensive, best-practice, one-on-one therapy with daily, monitored practice in one hour per week per client.


For about the same cost as less intensive facility-based therapy, clients get multi-linguistic, explicit and multisensory structured literacy intervention with intensive, daily practice and convenient, seamless parent training and resources.


In a school model the contract is customized to fit the needs of each school (e.g., based on the number of children and whether the school has a qualified clinician on staff or will need to contract with Lexercise to provide a clinician). 


What Makes Lexericse Different ?

First, Lexercise is a suite of online resources, not a program. It has the only fully customizable, fully clinician-controlled tools for providing structured literacy intervention with intensive practice in phonemic awareness and phonics (all the speech sounds and syllable types of English) and a systematic and interesting approach to morphology.  There are also optional curricula for improving listening comprehension, handwriting, sentence formulation and writing skills.  Materials for face-to-face online sessions cover all the domains of literacy, from speech to print. Online games and structured, adult-directed activities give parents and/or teachers a focused way of supporting the child's intervention (i.e., blended learning opportunities).  Data from these practice activities can be used as a progress-monitoring tool. Since it is web-based Lexercise is continuously improving and updating.


Lexercise is also a referral network and a best-practices community. We have referred hundreds of clients to our Teletherapy Partners. Lexercise Partners are part of an online community, with exclusive access to free clinical and business webinars, a intranet for exchanging ideas, posting questions, giving and receiving support.


Lexercise has a lot of experience with teletherapy.  Lexercise clinicians have treated over 1000 students, providing over 10,000 hours of direct instruction sessions using the Lexercise teletherapy platform and another 10,000 hours of structured, online daily practice. Our services get high ratings from parents. (See some parent reviews here.)


What Intervention Approach Does Lexercise Use?

Logical and researched-based, Lexercise uses a Structured Literacy (an Orton-Gillingham or O-G), multi-linguistic methodology. (An overview of standards of practice can be found in this document from the International Dyslexia Association: Knowledge and Practice Standards....)  The Lexercise blended learning tools make intensive, linguistically explicit, structured and individualized treatment more efficient and effective. For example, Lexercise uses online communication tools to encourage parent involvement, understanding and participation. It uses the visual appeal and familiarity of on-line games and structured, adult-assisted table-top activities to maximize the client’s motivation, encourage daily practice and reward hard work.


How Do Lexercise Teletherpay Partners and Lexercise Work Together? 

Lexercise provides teletherapy technology training using a competence-based protocol developed based on the American Telemedical Association's Guidelines for Telemental Health.  Lexercise also provides its Teletherapy Partners with webinars, business planning tools, marketing assistance and best-practices clinical support.


Hundreds of parents contact Lexercise each week seeking help for their struggling reader and/or writer. Some of these parents want to arrange teletherapy for their child.  Using a private, online calendar tool, Lexercise works with the parent to schedule the child with a Teletherapy Partner who has appointment availability that suits the family's schedule. 


The case load of Teletherapy Partners is expected to come from a mix of referrals from Lexercise and from their own local marketing efforts. (Because of state licensing requirements, speech-language pathologists naturally need to depend more on their local marketing and local referrals than do educational therapists who can see clients from any state.)


Current Lexercise Teletherapy Partners are listed on the Lexercise Website here.


Are Any Resources Available To The Public?

Lexercise provides a host of free resources, including Blog posts, Forums articles, recorded Live Broadcasts and two online screening tests (The Mississippi Screener for Kindergarten - 1st grade and the Lexercise Screener for ages 6 and older). In addition, Lexercise has full-length, online professional education courses (~30 hours each) designed for clinicians to develop and document their knowledge and skills.


 If you are interested in offering Lexercise teletherapy through your practice, clinic or school the first step is to check the Requirements for Prospective Lexercise Teletherapy Partners .


We need more qualified teletherapy partners so we'd be delighted to hear from you!   Contact Lexercise here.


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