Troubleshooting the Lexercise Games

If your client reports trouble with the Lexercise Games (e.g., They can't log in, they get an error message, the games freeze, etc.) here is a trouble-shooting guide:



First, rule out the possibility that the problem is just confusion about how to log in.  To do, try logging in as the client:

  • Click on the client's name on your Clients Page. That will take you to the Client Profile for that client.
  • Locate the client's user name and password.
  • Go to and in the upper right select "Client Login" and then log in with the client's user name and password.
  • If you are able to log in then you know the login part of the system is working fine.
    • If the parent's issue is that they can't log in, email them to tell them that you are able to login as the child so the system is working. Give them the client's user name and password again and caution them to have the child enter it exactly as you have provided it.
  • If you get an error message trying to log in as the child there is something wrong with their user name and/or password. Ask them to try resetting the child's password (an option when the enter the child's user name.)
  • If this doesn't work send a support ticket to Explain the problem and list what you have tried and ask us to check the user name in our system to be sure it matches what you have.
  • NOTE: the child's practice plan login is different from the parent's Parent Portal login.



If the parent says that the child can log in but gets an error message on one of the games ( "Something went wrong. Contact your clinician."), first rule out the possibility that you accidentally caused the problem. Common clinician mistakes are related to a Word Bank that has too few words or too few words of the required type.  In general, you'll need a Word Bank with at least 18 (regular) words in order for the games to work.

The "contact your clinician" error message means that you have created a game that the Word Bank you selected won't support.  Here are two examples of how this might happen:

--You have assigned a MatchStar-Suffixes game but the Word Bank you selected has too few words with suffixes. (For this game you need a Word Bank with a  minimum of 9 base words and 9 matching words with suffixes.)

--You assigned a Descriptor Game but the Word Bank you selected doesn't have enough concrete words with definitions. (You need at least 10 base words with no prefixes or suffixes that are either common nouns, verbs or adjectives.)

As you are getting used to creating practice plans you should check the functionality of all the games in your Practice Plans in the PREVIEW step.  After you are used to setting up Practice Plans you will find you rarely need to check them in PREVIEW. 

If the games work as expected, it's likely a problem on your client's side.



If the game problem is not a login or a clinician mistake, then 99% of the time it's a problem with the client's computer.

1) Have the client try the games in a different browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). -- If it works when they do, usually the next two steps will fix the issue for their preferred browser.
2) Have your client restart their computer and try again. -- This usually fixes the problem, and if so the client can stop here. If not, have them proceed to the next step.
3) Have your client make sure their browser is updated to the latest version. Here is a link with instructions: -- The client can stop here if it fixes the problem.
4) Have your client clear their browser cache. Here are instructions for doing this: -- The client can stop here if it fixes the problem.
5) Have your client check to make sure they are using the most recent version of Flash by having them go to this link and update it if necessary:
6) Logout of your clinician interface and log in as your client would on Then, try playing the games as if you were the client to see if you can duplicate the error. (If you close the browser tab before the first game completes, the system will not send your game tries to the server, BUT if the client's games are freezing on a later game, you may have to continue forward testing.)
7) Create a new Practice Plan for the client and see if that fixes the problem.

Note that clients can just play their games once a day. If they try to log in twice they will see the orb says "Done for the day".


If these things fail to fix the problem, please contact us because we could be in the 1% of the time when there is a problem on our end. You can contact us using the Support tab on the website,

Chad Myers


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    Ruth Bevan

    I had a student becoming very frustrated because Descriptor would time out.  He is a perfectionist and has serious working memory problems, so even if he understood the meaning of the word, he might not be able to remember the word that goes with the meaning,  By the time he read and processed each word dropping, and before he could choose the correct word, it would time out.  To help him with this, parent would sit with him during trials at the beginning of the week and tell him the correct word so he could find it before the game timed out.  By mid-week practice, he usually did not need this support and could play the game successfully without having it time out.

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