Is Lexercise therapy appropriate for an English language learner?


Lexercise’s Structured Literacy (aka Orton-Gillingham) methodology connects the spoken, written and meaning elements of English words.


Decoding and spelling of English words is best taught using this kind of clear, sequential, and structured curriculum, but English language learners especially benefit from this approach as it begins with a clear differentiation of each English speech sound and its letter symbol(s). Lexercise’s Structured Literacy method also goes beyond decoding and spelling to include a deep understanding of each meaning unit in the word.


Below are some guidelines that may help you decide if Lexercise’s Structured Literacy therapy is appropriate for your child.  

  • Can your child speak and understand conversational English?

  • Can the adult (usually a parent) who will participate in the weekly sessions with the child speak and understand conversational English?

  • Can your child understand spoken stories, directions and instructions in English?

  • Does the child know most common, everyday English words?

  • Is the child being taught content subjects primarily in English?


Even though the Structured Literacy methodology was originally developed for dyslexic students, its clear, language-based organization makes it an effective way for children whose first language was not English to master English reading, spelling and writing.


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