Language processes that support text reading


Parents often tell us that participating with their child in a Lexercise evaluation has given them a new and deeper understanding, not just of their child's reading and spelling skills, but also of language processing in general.

Following an evaluation the clinical educator meets with the parents to explain the child's language processing profile, including the child's performance in each elements in graphic below.  Lack of efficiency in any of these processes is likely to drain energy, sap memory and degrade reading comprehension. 



 This figure by Dr. Joseph Torgesen and his colleagues explains how language processes influence text reading.  Dr. Torgesen is the author of a number of standardized evaluation instruments.





Hudson, R. F., Torgesen, J.K.,  Lane, H.B., Turner, S. J. (2012). Relations among reading skills and sub-skills and text-level reading proficiency in developing readers. Reading and Writing, 25:483–507.


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