Lexercise Spelling Test

Here is a spelling test that coordinates with the Lexercise Scope & Sequence.

It can be used as an initial assessment, to help determine the client's beginning Lexercise Level.

It can also be useful as a pre-post assessment to document therapy gains.



  1. Say the test word, followed by the sentence containing the word and then say the test word again.
  2. Do not provide any cues or feedback about spelling accuracy. Instead, encourage effort with feedback like, “You are working hard.”
  3. Continue until there are 2 or more errors at one level, finish administering the words at that level and then discontinue.


Test Word

Spoken Sentence


1.  cab

I took a taxi cab to the airport.


2.  lab

The scientist works in a lab.


3.  mat

Wipe your feet on the door mat.


4.  fat

Mom buys low fat milk.


5. tat

Granny can knit, embroider and tat.


1.  pig

I want a pet pig.


2. pen

I want to write this note with a pen.


3. fib

A fib is the same as a lie.


4. bits

There are bits of paper all over the floor.


5. rim

The rim of the cup has a crack.


1.  vet

We took our dog to the vet.


2. buck

We saw a 7-point buck in our yard.


3. wigs

We’ll all wear wigs for Halloween.


4. duck

If I can’t have a pig I want a duck.


5. kisses

Thanks for those chocolate kisses.


1. sob

My sister will sob and cry to get attention.


2. yaps

Our dog yips and yaps at strangers.


3. hog’s

This is our hog’s pen.


4.  zips

Ron zips up his coat.


5.  Ron’s

This is Ron’s car.


1.  tucked

Mom tucked me in.


2.  rubbing 

Dad is rubbing Mom’s feet.


3. sacking

The clerk is sacking her groceries.


4.  jabbed

He jabbed me with his pencil.


5. padded

She carefully padded the box with cotton.


1.  quit

Please quit making that noise.


2. waxes

My dad waxes the car once a month.


3.  mixed

He mixed up a batch of cookies.


4.  quick

I have a quick errand to do.


5. quizzes

My teacher believes in lots of quizzes.


1.  toss

Toss the salad with dressing.


2. fussed

Mom fussed at me about my dirty room.


3. selling

We are selling hotdogs at the game.


4. fuzz

My sweater is covered with fuzz.


5.  kisses

She gave me a bag of chocolate kisses.


1.  sang

She sang a song in our school play.


2. winked

Dad waved and winked at me.


3. bunk

I sleep in a bunk bed at camp.


4. sinking

My model sailboat is sinking.


5. rungs

The ladder is missing two rungs.


1. chess

My favorite game is chess.


2. dishes

My job is to wash the dishes.


3. checked

I checked my gear before packing it.


4. thinned

We thinned out our flower bed.


5.  shipping

We are shipping two boxes for Christmas.


1. edging

We are edging our garden with rocks.


2. hedge

We have a high hedge around our yard.


3.  match

These socks don’t match.


4. hatches

The egg hatches in the spring. 


5. patched

Mom patched my jeans.


1. drab

Grey is a drab color.


2. crushed

My lunch got crushed in the bus.


3.  scratching

My dog is scratching at the door.


4. bricks

Our patio is made of brick.


5.  strap

I can strap my book bag on my bike.


1.  ramp

We made a skateboard ramp at the park.


2.  shelf

Mom asked me to dust the shelf.


3. camping

I love to go camping with my dad.


4. dented

Our car was dented by a falling rock.


5. chimps

My favorite zoo exhibit is the chimps.


1. slept

We slept late on Saturday.


2.  clenches 

Mom clenches her fists when she’s mad.


3. planted

We planted tomatoes in our garden.


4. cramping

My leg muscles are cramping.


5. swept

My brother swept the kitchen floor.


1.  kitchen

We eat breakfast in the kitchen


2. rabbit

If I can’t have a duck I want a rabbit.


3. pocket

My coat has just one pocket.


4. chicken

If we had a chicken we’d have fresh eggs.


5. bucket

I carry water to the plants in a bucket.


1. shirt

My shirt is in the wash.


2. hurting

My sprained ankle is hurting.


3. parked

Dad parked the car in the garage.


4. church

We go to church on Wednesday nights.


5. crisper

I like crisper French fries.


1.  motel

We’ll stay at a motel tonight.


2. opened

Mom opened a can of beans.


3. basic

This is basic addition.


4. direct

Can you direct me to the park?


5. silent

The whole house is silent at night.


1. ruled

The referee ruled in our favor.


2. bite

I took a big bite of cake.


3. joking

Pops is always joking around.


4. timer

Set the timer for 5 minutes.


5. dune

We walked over the sand dune.


1.  stray

We found a stray dog in the park.


2. rained

It rained all night.


3. wear

I like to wear Carolina Blue.


4. wait

Please wait for me at home.


5. steaks

We love to grill steaks.


1.  queen

A queen is a female ruler.


2. sneaking

My sister is always sneaking cookies.


3. cheaper

This is a cheaper video game.


4. dreamed

I dreamed about you last night.


5.  peas

Peas are my favorite vegetable.


1. growing

Growing flowers is my hobby.


2. hoe

I have been hoeing my flower beds.


3.  load

I need a big load of dirt in my garden.


4.  soak

The rain will soak the garden.


5. crows

The crows ate all my corn.


1.  fruits

My favorite fruits are apples and pears.


2.  stew

I plan to make a stew for dinner.


3.  chewing

My teacher doesn’t allow chewing gum.


4. suit

I need to wear a suit to the party.


5.  true

Is this story true?


1. ties

Men don’t wear ties as much these days.


2. lighting

The lighting is dim in this room.


3. brighter

We need brighter lights.


4. pie

Mom made me an apple pie.


5.  sight

The clue was in plain sight.


1. heading

Josh is good at heading a soccer ball.


2. bread

Mon enjoys baking bread.


3. read

I read about it in the paper.


4. lead

Lead in gas is poison.


5.  dreaded

I dreaded taking the test.


1. marble

The counters are made of marble.


2. saddle

My horse’s saddle is made of leather.


3. cuddling

I love cuddling my cat.


4. giggled

The girl giggled at my joke.


5. puzzles

I love putting together puzzles.


1.  comical

The mistake was comical.


2. awake

I stayed awake until midnight.


3. benefits

Exercise benefits everyone.


4. pathetic

The pollution was pathetic.


5. catalog

I ordered the gift from a catalog.


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