Descriptor Match: face-to-face practice as a follow-up to online practice


This is a procedure that is designed to be used as a follow-up to Lexercise's online vocabulary game, Descriptor.

Materials & Preparation:

  1. Your student's current Word Bank word cards and some blank index cards or scraps of paper and a black marker pen.
  2. Print out the most recent Lexercise error report email.
  3. Select 4-5 words from that error report that your student missed when playing Descriptor and pull out the corresponding word cards. (If your don't have word cards for those words, make them using blank index cards.) 
  4. Lay out the 4-5 word cards,  face up, on a table or desk.


  1. Tell your student that you will read a definition and it will be his/her job to point to the word card that matches it.
  2.  Read one of the definitions from the Descriptor error report.
  3. Prompt your student to read the words cards one by one, and after each one ask, "Is that a match?"  If you have to re-read the definition, that's OK.  If your student decides the definition and the word do not match, move the the next word, prompt the student to read it and ask, "Is that a match?"  Again, If you have to re-read the definition, that's OK. If she/he chooses an incorrect card explain why that words in not a match for the definition.
  4. Continue in this way until your student (with your help) has found the word that matches the definition.
  5. Repeat with a different definition. 
  6. Provide as much support as necessary to make this a successful activity, Over the next days try to slowly pull back on the amount of support and and help your are providing until your student can independently listen to the definition read aloud, scan the word cards on the table-top for the correct match and point to it with at least 80% - 90% accuracy.


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