Sentence Formulation



Lexercise Clinicians have access to the Spectacular Sentences teaching resource, a  structured, step-by-step, interactive and fun multisensory procedure for teaching students how to formulate truly spectacular sentences.


Clinicians can teach the procedure to the student in a teletherapy session and then provide parents (and/or teachers) the resources needed for regular practice with the student. 


By practicing the procedure regularly, the student is eventually able to use the steps independently.


Internalizing these steps will allow the student to formulate spectacular sentences without the formal, structured procedure.


The key is frequent, structured and supported practice.





Here is an example of a sentence at a semi-complete stage:  



Note that the subject and predicate are color coded.


To complete the sentence, the student student would need to notice that a "the" is needed before  the word "bed". 


He is then ready to copy (write or type) his sentence in its final form as follows:


​Patiently peering through ridiculous pink, heart-shaped


glasses the miniature, white pug puppy waited on the


bed for his chance to escape.

 (Wow! That's impressive!)


Material needed:

  • Structured procedure on the Lexercise Clinicians teletherapy interface (under TOOLS) and available to parents on their Parent Portal

  • Post It Notes in 2 colors

  • pencil or pen

  • writing paper

  • pictures for prompts (e.g., paper-based pictures from magazines or calendars, etc. or online pictures from Google images, etc.)



Brimo, D., Apel, K., and Fountain, T. (2015), Examining the contributions of syntactic awareness and syntactic knowledge to reading comprehension. Journal of Research in Reading, doi: 10.1111/1467-9817.12050.




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