Juggling the Writing Process

Begin by selecting a graphic organizer that matches the writing task (i.e., the genre), as specified in the last column (Trait VI).   For example, if the task is to tell a story, use a narrative graphic organizer that makes narrative structure explicit.  If the task is to inform about a process, use a expository graphic organizer for steps in a process.  Graphic organizers for all writing genres can be found on many website. 

The chart below is a basic version of 6+1 Trait® Writing Scoring system, and it provides an overview of the elements or traits that are quality indicators for written products.


Word Level


Sentence Level


Trans-Sentence Level

IV.  Paragraph Level


Trans-Paragraph Level


Genre Level: Communication Intent

A. Select vivid words that say what you mean.


B. Spell the words correctly.


A. Use standard sentence conventions for:

  1.  'outside’ punctuation,
  2. ‘inside’ punctuation,
  3. sentence capitalization

B. Use standard syntax & grammar.

C. Construct sentences that:

  1. vary in syntax
  2. can be read aloud easily
  3. create clear mental pictures

A.  Link from sentence-to-sentence with:

  1. clear pronoun references,
  2. transition words.


 Be sure that all the sentences in the paragraph have to do with the same sub-topic and fit together

smoothly (cohesion and parallel structure).


A. Be sure that all the paragraphs have to do with your main topic and fit together smoothly with:

  1. transition words;
  2. parallel structure


A. Decide on your communication goal(s).

  1. Choose an idea that both you and your audience care about.
  2. State the main idea and each subordinate (category) idea using a complete sentence to make mental pictures vivid.

B. Use adequate details for a vivid picture.

C. Use an organizational plan appropriate for the purpose.

D. Consider your audience; Select a powerful point-of-view.

E. Plan all the elements of your presentation.

 For more information see See:   6+1 Trait® Writing Scoring from the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory is used for assessment http://www.nwrel.org/assessment/scoringpractice.php


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