Guidance on when to advance to the next Lexercise Level

Clinicians will want their client to have mastered sub-word and word structures and concepts at his/her current Lexercise Level before moving on to the next Level.  Mastery is generally defined in terms of both accuracy and fluency (e.g., speed), with minimum accuracy of at least 80%.  See this article on True Mastery for more information.

  Below is checklist of sub-word and word-level processing skills that should be mastered before advancing to the next Level. Refer to the Session Planning Sheet and Report for more details.

  1. Plain ExPlain Procedure- The client can recognize and describe the Level’s structural element(s).
  2. Flash Sound Procedure - The client can produce each of the Level’s speech sounds when shown an associated grapheme. 
  3. Isolator Procedure- The client can raise one digit on their right hand for each speech sound in spoken words from this Level's Word Bank.
  4. White Board Spelling Procedure - Given  spoken, phonetically regular words (real or nonsense) from the Level's Word Bank the client can: .
    •  count the speech sounds & make a sound line for each speech sound (phonemes);
    •  fill in lines with the right graphemes , spelling the word correctly
  5. FLash Word Procedure – Presented with the Level’s Word Bank words one at a time, the client can read accurately and fluently on the first try.
  6. Word Fix Procedure – Given Word Bank words with affixes the client can say what each affix means and sort the words according to the affix's sound(s), meaning and/or spelling.
  7. Structured Word Inquiry: Given Word Bank words with affixes the client can tell the meaning of the base(es) and the meaning and/or function of the affix(es).
  8. TextIn Procedure – The client  can controlled sentences and passages from the current Level with >95% word reading accuracy, fluent phrasing and appropriate inflection. 
  9. FastLetter Writing Procedure – The client can write both upper and lower case letters for each of the Level’s graphemes at the rate of at least 20 acceptable letters in 30 sec.
  10. Sentence Dictation Procedure – Given a spoken, controlled sentence from the client's current Lexercise Level the client will write the sentence with accurate spelling, capitalization and punctuation. 

Other skills that pertain to word meaning and  sentence and discourse level processing can be addressed continuously, as the client advances from Level to Level. 


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