Orton-Gillingham Training Opportunities

Lexercise requires that its teletherapists pass an objective qualification examination that covers language structure and the use of structured literacy intervention.

Lexercise therapists have obtained their professional preparation through different routes. A few attended university degree programs that provided the necessary preparation. Most, however, were prepared through postgraduate professional development opportunities.

People often ask us what structured literacy (aka Orton-Gillingham) training courses we recommend. The courses we recommend depend on your background and your learning preferences. There are a number of thing to consider. For example, online courses can be either synchronous or asynchronous.  On-site courses involve class-room type learning and more group interaction. Of course, they may involve travel, meals and lodging costs.

If you do not have a background in the structure of written language you should begin with a course that covers language structure, like Lexercise Course 1: The Structure of Written English.  Then, take a course in the use of a structured literacy methodology, like Lexercise Course 2:  Orton-Gillingham / Structured Literacy Intervention.  (You need to learn the “what” before you can learn the “how”.)

The resources listed below are not exhaustive. Many private learning disability schools have associated structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) training institutes. Check with your state's branch of the International Dyslexia Association. 



Lexercise (Contact Courses@Lexercise.com)


Southern New Hampshire University & The Landmark School Graduate

  • Certificate in Dyslexia Studies(online option)  Graduate certificate seekers are required to complete five courses focusing on language based learning disabilities


Dyslexia Training Institute

ASSOCIATIONS & AGENCIES  that sponsor professional development courses



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