Lexercise Professional Education: Course 2 Objectives

For Course 2: Structured Literacy/ Orton-Gillingham for Literacy Instruction the participant will:

1)    List at least four characteristics of research-backed language-literacy interventions.

2)    List at least four characteristics of a structured literacy therapy session.

3)    Define these characteristics of structured literacy intervention and explain the importance of each:

- explicit
- systematic & structured
- multisensory

4)    Administer two online assessments of word reading.

5)    Describe a process-oriented language-literacy assessment and how it differs from a traditional approach to evaluation.

6)    Identify the linguistic level of specific word elements in the Lexercise (O-G) scope & sequence and relate them to the expectations reflected in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

7)    Use assessment data to place a mock client at the appropriate beginning level of Lexercise.

8)    Create a structured literacy therapy plan for a mock client.


For more information see this post.

Note: Course 1 is a pre-requisite to take Course 2.


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