Lexercise Professional Education: Course 1 Objectives

For Course 1: The Structure of Written English the participant will:

1)    List the domains of language, from speech to print.

2)    Define a syllable and explain where this unit fits into the domains of language schema.

3)    Categorize syllables according to their orthographic syllable type.

4)    Given a syllable, isolate its phonemes and specify the graphemes that represent them.

5)    Explain the influence of syllable stress on vowel sounds.

6)  Explain the roles of phonology and morphology in orthography (spelling) of English words.

7)  Use Word Sums to analyze the morphological structure of English words.

8)  Differentiate inflectional from derivational suffixes and explain their functions.

9)  Differentiate clauses from phrases.

10) Given a sentence, label words and phrases by their function (part of speech) in the sentence.


The text for this course is Speech to Print, Ed. 2 (2010)  by Louisa Cook Moats.
ISBN-13: 978-159857-050-2

You can buy the book online from the publisher, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co. or from Amazon.

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