Lexercise Professional Education: Course 3 Objectives


Clinical Practicum: Course Objectives


The purpose of Course 3 is to provide the trainee with guided practice in the ethical and effective application of structured literacy therapy.  Specific goals include:


  1. Develop appropriate long term goals for clients with language-literacy disorders.

  2. Develop appropriate direct instruction session plans, using an structured literacy approach and instructional routines that are targeted to address the client's deficits.

  3. Implement structured literacy teletherapy sessions effectively using a multilinguistic methodology.

  4. Interact with the client, maximizing motivation and therapeutic effectiveness.

  5. Interact with the parent effectively, training them in specific practice procedures and the use a growth mindset approach.

  6. Implement effective between session practice plans using both online games and offline (Parent Portal) resources.

  7. Complete administrative functions, including session notes and scheduling documentation.

  8. Identify and respond to issues and problems in a timely and effective manner.

  9. Collaborate effectively with other professionals and team members.

  10. Demonstrate insightful and accurate self-evaluation.



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