Help! My client is having trouble MatchStar Words Printed: Words Printed

My 17 year old (bright dyslexic) client is doing great on both Isolator & MatchStar Words Printed:Words Spoken, but on MatchStar Words Printed: Words Printed, she is struggling!! (See her scores, below, for the first day of practice with her 4th workout (set at Level 8, which addresses   <n>or <ng>= /ŋ/ (contrast <ng>and <nk>).

She has told me from the beginning how much harder the MatchStar game is for her when she has to match printed words to printed words verses when she has to match printed words to spoken words.  I asked her to try saying the printed words aloud as the cards turn over. It looks like that strategy actually made her score lower!

On the MatchStar Words Printed: Words Spoken game she missed matching 5 words (out of 48): < ding, bank, winks, sing, longed>

On the MatchStar Words Printed: Words Printed game she missed matching 20 words (out of 38):  <longed, longed, longed, Hank, sang, ranks, ring, sank, ranks, bangs, ranks, sank, sang, conks, sink, gong, gong, banked, rang, dung >

It looks like without any spoken (auditory) support she just falls apart.

I have not used the MatchStar games in the first station (letters and sounds), but I will try that with her to see if the pattern holds for isolated letters and sounds.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here and how to help?   Thanks for any insights you can offer!  Sandie


Sun 5/30/10 Mon 5/31/10 Tue 6/01/10 Wed 6/02/10 Thu 6/03/10 Fri 6/04/10 Sat 6/05/10
Weekly Game Average
Isolator - - - 96% - - -
MatchStar: WordsPrinted - - - 64% - - -
MatchStar: WordsSpoken to WordsPrinted - - - 91% - - -
Daily Average - - - 86% - - -

Daily Average for Week: 86%


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