When to target fluency?

I had a discussion with a school based SLP today about a child I had conducted an independent assessment for recently. She mentioned that the school uses the 'Read Naturally' program for reading fluency but the reading specialist was saying that he has such good memory for words that he easily memorizes the passage auditorily and fails to really decode. I felt that his phonological awareness skills were so far behind and weak at the phoneme level that perhaps they should re look at increasing the intensity there for awhile again and not focus on fluency at the paragraph level as yet but according to her his phon. skills were much worse before as he could not even manipulate at the syllable level previously. They are also using Project read as a decoding program. He has memorized so many activities in the 'curriculum' that I felt the reason he could do some rhyming activities or decode etc was because he had memorized so words especially in the higher frequency syllable shape patterns. He was also a fantastic guesser at reading comp. tasks as he is smart in that sense of using contextual info to guide him and a very strong vocabulary. I am just worried that they are sticking too much to a'curriculum' and not differentiating or modifying it to work with his strengths and weaknesses appropriately. He is entering 3rd grade but really struggling to read even at a late Kinder. level. He came out way below basic in our recent CA state testing. There was also this resigned feeling that he is always going to struggle with phonological awareness skills. He is already pulled out 4 times a day for nearly half a day at school for reading, math work in the learning center/special ed resource room. I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me to bring to the IEP team next week and perhaps refocusing the intensity in certain areas before others.

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