Severe phonological disorder or apraxia of speech in 4 year old boy?

I am working with a 4 year old boy who has difficulty sequencing speech sounds, and intelligiblity decreases as phrases get longer. With me he keeps his utterances at 2-3 words on average. He came to me with a diagnosis of apraxia of speech, but I am always cautious about that dx, as a severe phonological disorder can look like apraxia. He is stimulable at the word and phrase level, but not with consistency. He is a tough nut to crack as he has many avoidance behaviors and displays symptoms of stress and anxiety when he is pushed even a little bit to do something that is difficult for him. He just shuts down.

I am looking for suggestions to: a) get more compliance with him (he loves mechanical objects) and b) make a differential diagnosis.

Thanks in advance, Leslie


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