Suggestions for a child who has already been through Lindamood Bell program

I need your input for a new client...10 yrs. 6 mos. old, The following scores are from previous testing:
WISC-IV - Full scale 99; verbal Comp 104; Perceptual reasoning 96; Working Memory 88; Processing speed 106

PPVT-IV Std sc 95; DTLA-4 Word opposites scaled sc 8; DTLA-4 Verbal Absurdities 13-0 Mental Age; DTLA-4 Oral directions scaled sc 7;
Lindamood Aud Con Test-3 std sc 96

Child is going to 5th grade; her STAR Rdg level at end of year was 2.7

My testing: CTOPP       Phon Awareness ss 79; Phon Mem ss 79; RAN ss 91

                  DSTP          Acoustics: Passed Dichotic Digits; Failed Temporal patterning; Aud discrimination
                                     Acoustic-Linguistic; Passed Phonic Manipulation; Failed Phonemic Manipulation

                  TOWRE      Sight word reading efficiency ss 78

       Phonemic Decoding Efficiency ss 73

                  Z-Screener  60% on Level 1 (same or less at each level except for Level 8: 70%)

                  Gallistel Ellis The only level that she mastered (80%) was the sight word level; all other syllable typed were failed.

My impression is that this child needs O-G tutoring and Lexercise. My concern is that she has already received intensive training
in the Seeing Starts/Visualizing and Verbalizing Lindamood Bell programs. She has also done CogMed (I realize that's not a rdg
program). I guess I feel inadequate compared to an intense program like LMBell. Do you think that basic OG + Lexercise is what's needed here?

Thanks for your time!!!


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