What to do with a client who is not making progress?

Hi All:

I have a client who is severly dyslexic and ADHD (not on medication--parents are considering it as a last resort, and are coming to that, as the poor little guy is losing ground in learning across the curriculum). He is going into the 3rd grade. He is not making progress in Lexercise, although he does it every day (the family is very good about supporting him, and I communicate with his mom at least 1x per week via email about his progress and suggest exercises they can do at home.) What I've done so far: shortened game time to 1-2 minutes, reduced word bank to focus on one thing at a time (currently the doubling rule), and instructed him to build-in short breaks (with a challenge to learn to juggle). Still, his scores are not coming up to even 65% for Isolator, with occasional exceptions. Sometimes his scores jump wildly, which I attribute to attention issues. He did go up a level many weeks ago, but can't seem to advance to the next level. Ugh. I have increased his in-session therapy to 2 sessions per week, and one of those sessions is dedicated to phonemic procressing with his Lexercise words, lots and lots of repetition and cycling back, white board spelling, etc. (the other session is focused on narrative structure and sentence structure to help with expressive language, which is all over the place). Should I take him back down a level? Reduce the word bank even further? Wait till he's on meds? Help!  Here are his latest scores, and he's been on this practice plan for 3 weeks now (the two days he missed were "unplugged" days on vacation):


Isolator 45% 64% 57% - - 64% 40%   56%
MatchStar: Sounds 79% 80% 77% - - 82% 65%   76%
MatchStar: Letters 62% 71% 66% - - 55% 70%   65%
MatchStar: Sounds to Letters 75% 83% 73% - - 56% 58%   69%
MatchStar: WordsPrinted 61% 71% 44% - - 49% 47%   53%
MatchStar: WordsSpoken to WordsPrinted 79% 52% 63% - - 89% 67%   68%
MatchStar: WordsSpoken 83% 78% 78% - - 65% 67%   74%
MatchStar: Suffixes 67% 52% 78% - - 62% 48%   60%
Daily Average 70% 68% 64% - - 63% 58%  


Thanks, Leslie




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