How can I figure out what's causing discrepancies in scores?

I've been trying to determine what is causing the discrepancies from day-to-day in my client's Isolator scores. For example, yesterday his average accuracy score for 3 Isolator games was 59%, today it was 74%. This is typical. The overall trend is not upward. (We're on our 4th week at this Level (6), and still, no upward trend.)  I've tried a number of things already:

* simplifying his program to be very focused (no suffixes, CVC words only,  3 short Isolator games and no other games for now)

* working with the parent and child to set up a time and place for daily practice

* making sure headphones are always used

* frequent reminders to subvocalize words (via email to mom, who does read them and replies to most emails)

I wonder how many of you see this kind of up and down with your clients. Would love to hear input from other clinicians.

Thanks in advance,

Leslie Chalmers Gravel

South Deerfield, MA





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