I read somewhere that 2nd graders should be able to accurately read 50% of the items on the Z-screener. My client achieved 50% on the first section, followed by 80% on the second, 70% on the 3rd, 60% on the 4th, 100% on the 5th, and 30% on the 6th section. Then the test was discontinued.  I know I should have discontinued the test earlier, but I was curious.  When I enter his responses on the on-line clinician version, I get a score of 5%.  My question is, what does the 5% score mean? The test of course discontinues after the first section.  So, it is supposing that if continued, he would fail all the following sections and achieve 5% correct on the entire test? 

Also, he is a 2nd grader. So how do I interpret the "2nd graders should achieve 50% correct" - is this if the entire test was administered? 

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!




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