Lexercise helps clinicians use research-backed, "structured language" approaches

Lexercise is not a reading program; rather, is an online practice management tool for clinicians who use an Orton-Gillingham (structured language) approach. Lexercise allows clinicians to provide their clients with structured, daily practice, reinforcing their face-to-face therapy. 

In structured language approaches the elements of language are introduced in an explicit and systematic manner. A number of structured language approaches have been validated over the past few decades. They can be highly effective when delivered with fidelity and with adequate (daily) practice.  Sally Shaywitz, MD discusses the research support for structured language approaches in her book, Overcoming Dyslexia.   

As Louisa Moats points out, research has consistently shown:  

 "Once behind in reading, few children catch up to grade level unless they receive intensive, individualized, costly and expert instruction."  (Speech to Print, Ed. 2, 2010, p.5)

For parents, finding such expert, intensive, individualized treatment can be difficult and, as Moats says, it is usually costly.  Lexercise is a Web-based tool designed to help clinicians use these research-backed treatment methods with fidelity and intensity, speeding the child’s progress.


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