Treatment options

If your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia or a similar language processing disorder there is reason to be optimistic! Dyslexia can be overcome!

Research has shown that most kids who struggle with reading and writing can achieve grade-level literacy skills, but ONLY IF they get a linguistically structured program that includes intensive, daily practice.

There are a handful of options for providing a language-impaired child with the kind of linguistically structured program and intensive, daily practice that can lead to mastery of upper level literacy skills:

  1.  a private school with a strong learning disabilities program (~$1000 - $2,000 a month)

  2.  Lindamood-Bell clinics: 6 weeks of therapy 3-4 hours a day  (~$10,000 a month)

  3.  a special program with research or other special funding for intensive, daily intervention  (not generally available)

  4. therapy with a clinician 2-3 days a week coordinated with structured, home-based practice completed with a trained parent 2-3 days a week  (~$600 - $1,100 per month)

  5. weekly face-to-face therapy coordinated with daily, at-home use of Lexercise  (~$480 - $600 a month)


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