Points-4-Kids Subscription Donation Program


A child with a paid Lexercise subscription who accumulate 100,000 points can choose to donate his/her points to a struggling reader  whose parent can not afford to pay for a subscription. 

We are inspired by these hard-working kids!  They are making a difference, not only in their own skill development but in the life of another child.   Below are the donations made to date:


 Brandon-4th Grade



1-17-12        Brandon has been using Lexercise for about a month and is completing his second level. He loves to read, but sounding out words is not always easy for him. He loves getting on Lexercise, and he has met his points goals so quickly that he asked me to set his goals higher! He gets his top scores in the Isolator game, and this game has helped his spelling to get better. Last week he said to me, “I’m ready to spell harder words now!”


It’s exciting to see him making progress!          -Connie Williams, MA/CCC 


2-9-12    After using the Lexercise MatchStar-Affixes Game for a few weeks Brandon is much more aware of morphological endings. He used to leave off suffixes like <-s> and<-ed> when spelling words, but now he almost always spells words with  suffixes correctly. His teacher even commented on his improved spelling.  Brandon calls himself a "spelling demon" these days!       -Connie Williams, MA/CCC 

Daryl-2nd Grade



1-17-12      Daryl has completed 3 levels in Lexercise. He gets his highest scores in the Match Star: Sounds to Letters game, although he says, “ I like the planet game the best!” When he started Lexercise, it was hard for him to read words with digraphs (like /th/, /wh/ and /ch/), and he would confuse the sounds /ch/ and /sh/. Now he gets these sounds correct almost all the time when he’s reading and spelling. Daryl is continuing to make great progress with Lexercise!            -Connie Williams, MA/CCC

2-9-12     Daryl says that Isolator is his hardest game, but his accuracy in isolating and identifying speech sounds has improved so much with this game that now he can even discriminate short -i- and short -e- vowels. Daily practice with Lexercise Games has made a huge difference for Daryl!                         -Connie Williams, MA/CCC 



Khalia- 4th Grade




2-25-12      Khalia loves Lexercise. She does it in the resource room every morning. Khalia has a severe learning disability and is very embarrassed to practice reading around other students. She think kids are laughing at the way she reads. She has a lot of frustration and anger in connection with her reading problems and gotten in to trouble for fighting at school.  Because she can do Lexercise privately, without any peers watching her, she actually loves using it. Thanks for giving  Khalia this chance to improve her reading skills. 

   --Connie Williams, MA/CCC 


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