Flash Word Reading: Guidelines for Parents



This is a a quick (less than 5 minutes) instructional routine that is designed to improve word reading accuracy and speed.



10 or 20 word cards from the current level's Word Bank



Present the word cards to the child, one at a time and ask the child to read the word right on the first try within * 2 seconds*.  If the child does this, s/he gets to keep the card.  If s/he reads the word incorrectly on the first try or if reading takes more than 2 seconds, the adult keeps the card.  The child can try to win cards back at the end.  The goal is for the child to end up with all the cards.
The goal is 80% of the cards (so 8 of 10 or 16 of 20) read right on the first try

* NOTE:  Your clinician may set a different response speed standard for your child, such as 5 seconds or even ask you to do task without time pressure for the response. If you are not sure what response speed standard is right for your child please ask your clinician.


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