Lexercise's Structured Literacy Session Structure



The Lexercise Structured Literacy Curriculum covers the structure of English words, from the simplest, one-syllable words to advanced multisyllablic words. (The basic outline of the concepts introduced in the 26-levels of the curriculum is attached as a pdf  below.)

Current science supports the use of a multi-linguistic factors approach for students with language processing difficulties like dyslexia. A multi-linguistic factors approach is to reading and spelling as cross-training is to a sport. Mastery requires applying skills in a lot of different situations. In a Lexercise direct instruction session, the therapist works across seven different contexts.

The Stations

  1. sounds to letters (phonemic awareness)
  2. word reading & spelling (orthographic awareness)
  3. word parts (morphological awareness)
  4. vocabulary (semantic awareness)
  5. sentences (syntactic awareness)
  6. listening & reading (comprehension)
  7. speaking & writing (expression)

This 7 station format is useful for organization but, of course, it is an artificial division. The domains are deeply integrated. Teaching one domain alone (e.g., teaching phonemic awareness without the rest) is not supported by research. The therapist balances the station focus to meet the needs of each student.  For example, young, more severely impaired students typically need to spend more time in Stations 1 and 2, whereas older and/or more advanced students need relatively more time focused in Station 3.  Some students need much more work in Station 4 than so others.



Below are a few examples of Lexercise Structured Literacy learning materials from Level 9, the level at which consonant blends are introduced. 


The therapist works interactively with the student using materials like these, along with online annotation tools (virtual markers and highlighters), to develop the student's word knowledge and expertise in reading, spelling and writing.


**********   STATION 1:  Sounds > Letters   **********







**********  STATION 2:  Word Reading & Spelling **********










**********  STATION 3: Word Parts  **********











**********  STATION 4: Vocabulary  **********



**********  STATION 5: Sentences **********



 **********  STATION 6: Listening & Reading  **********




 ********** STATION 7: Speaking & Writing **********







Parent Reviews of Lexercise

We are always interested in how parents describe Lexercise. 

Here are two review of Lexercise by homeschool mom bloggers, including some screenshots and photos of their students in direct instructions sessions and  online daily practice games / activities:

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Here is a video of a TV interview with a speech-language pathologist, Lauren Furman, discussing her son's experience with Lexercise:

Lexercise Structured Literacy Therapy Makes the News!



Lexercise Structured Literacy Curriculum - Scope & Sequence - At-a-Glance(6).pdf


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